Welcome to Just Did It

Joe Marcoux is the Founder and President of Just Did It Training and Consulting and author of Boutique Thinking in a Big Box World. Joe provides sales training workshops, programs and tools for individual sales people and specialty retailers who understand that Brand You is what makes the difference in today's world.

Over the course of a nearly 20 year career in specialty retail, Joe has worn just about every hat in the business. He has been a VP of an equipment manufacturer, and everything from a sales associate to shop owner on the retail side. As a trainer, Joe uses this extensive experience, success and insight into the sales process to teach sales professionals of all experience levels ways to raise their game to new heights, helping thousands of consumers benefit from real customer care.

Partial client list:

The Forzani Group LTD. S3 One World United
The UPS Store Fitness Town Nevada Bob's Golf Read More »


Army-of-1 Training™

This retail sales training is specifically tailored to your industry. By using accelerated learning, your sales force will get maximum retention of proven methods.

Army-of-1 B2B™

The essential systemized approach for growth. This high impact program is designed to greatly improve on outside/commercial sales teams performance.

Boutique Thinking in a Big Box World™

This program is designed to implement systems that completely separate specialty retailers AND THEIR STAFF from the Mega Discount Retailers.

Loyalty Leader Certification Program™

This program is designed to make certain staff members leaders in workshop management and presentation.